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Apart from the normal requirements of your business insurance policy, It’s your legal duty under Criminal Law to comply with New Fire Legislation which will be implemented during 2006, this is to be The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which will replace The Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations as amended 1st December 1999 and previous legislation governing workplace fire safety. This new legislation will effect all business and commercial premises in England and Wales with the exception of the self employed, Scotland intends to implement its own new fire safety legislation the later part of 2006.

Employers will be personally responsible, and MUST provide adequate provision of Fire Safety Measures within the workplace, this is to include visitors and the Public alike as well as fire fighters in the performance of their duties. Furthermore, employers are required by legislation to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and record significant findings.


• Can you afford to loose business contracts and tenders because of non-compliance?
• Will you or your company survive a fire, emergency or lawsuit If your insurance company fails to pay out if you are not in compliance with the law?
• Can you afford not to protect your employees, visitors, assets and premises



Can you afford not to
comply with fire

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