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Windows 7 & 8 Free CAD installation package.

Registration Patch

Some of our users are experiencing issues with the free CAD package that is supplied with Protector International Products.

The problem has been assessed and relates to the versions of the operation systems individuals are running, the result is that the operating system either corrupts or fails the CAD program when launched.

Download the version to the left of this text, once dowloaded double click on the FloorPlan.exe and install the free CAD application.

Registration Patch Ver 1.1.1

Registration Patch

If you are experiencing problems while trying to run the Protector International Software, a patch has been created to deal with this issue.

We have recently found on certain system configurations that the registration process has failed during startup, during this error the system has failed to update the Protector International configuration. Therefore, a license registration message is being displayed.

To apply this patch please follow the instructions below:-

Click on icon on the right to run the update, choose run the update from its location and this will amend the Protector International configuration details on your PC allowing you to use the product until your license runs out.

Once the update has been competed, you will need to enter your registration and activation keys again into the registration window when using any of the Protector International Products.




Please note that
all downloads will be available from this area.

If a patch is requested then the email link that you will be sent will be sent to this page.

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